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"The Ed Paschke Art Center in Jefferson Park on the city’s northwest side is the brainchild of Paschke’s children, Marc and Sharon, and Lionel Rabb and Vesna Stelcer. The Paschke children provided access to the art and authorization to build the center, and Rabb and Stelcer used their family foundation and connections to pull together a gallery space and working area that has as its mission awareness of Paschke’s legacy and sparking community engagement."

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Grand Opening of the Ed Paschke Art Center

art center opening

CBS Local
Center Dedicated To Chicago Artist Ed Paschke Opens In Jefferson Park

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Ed Paschke Art Center a reflection of the artist

Art Attack with Tony Fitzpatrick
Coverage of Art center begins at 10:25

Daily Herald (AP)
New center honors late Chicago artist Ed Paschke

The Ed Paschke Art Center

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Visual Art Source: Editorial by James Yood

Q & A
Editors’ Roundtable
Column by James Yood


No question, I chickened out. And I had Roberta Smith, senior art critic for the New York Times, exactly where I wanted her. It was three weeks ago; she was on stage, behind a lectern, finishing her lecture/talk about criticism.

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Ed Paschke Art Center Opens in Chicago This Summer



Jeanine Riedl


Center Honors Local Artist Who Had National, International Reach
CHICAGO (April 21, 2014) – The Ed Paschke Art Center announces its public opening in Jefferson Park, located on the city’s Northwest Side, on Sunday, June 22, 2014, which would have been the late artist’s 75th birthday. The Center will be open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and will provide free public access to the largest collection of Paschke’s works, which were all selected from the holdings of the Ed Paschke Foundation.

The son of Polish immigrants, Chicago-born Ed Paschke spent the majority of his life living on Chicago’s Northwest side. Growing up, Paschke’s artistic influences included his father, also an artist, and the animation of Disney and cartoons, which led him after high school to pursue both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fine arts at the School of the Art Institute. During his graduate studies, he became affiliated with a group of artists known as the Chicago Imagists.

Paschke’s work developed an unmistakable confrontational style, which captured the grittiness of urban life and used various forms of media and technology. Subject matter is depicted using intricate patterns and vibrant colors. Paschke used color to reach peoples’ nervous system; to him painting was a process of discovery—about solving a problem. Of his art, Paschke once said, “They either love it or hate it but rarely are they indifferent to it.”

While Paschke has deep artistic Chicago roots, his works are in permanent collections of major American and European museums including the Museum of Modern Art, NY, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, The Art Institute of Chicago, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington D.C., the Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, Centre George Pompidou and the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The Ed Paschke Art Center is located in a renovated building that contains 2,800 square feet of gallery space and 1,700 square feet of educational space and includes a re- creation of Ed Paschke’s 2004 studio. Along with the permanent Paschke collection that showcases the distinct styles and interests Paschke explored throughout his artistic career, which spans 1969 through 2004, the Center also will showcase other Chicago artists and include an artist-in-residence program.

Upcoming events include a Paul Natkin photography exhibition; collaboration with Luminarts, a cultural foundation that supports and encourages rising Chicago artists; and a Steve Schapiro exhibit: Andy Warhol, Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. A finalized list of special exhibits and events, and adult and youth programs will be announced on the Center’s web site, this June.

Board Chair of the Ed Paschke Foundation, Vesna K. Stelcer, recalls that Ed was an amazing original artist and a man devoted to his family. “Throughout this process of building the Ed Paschke Art Center, which is to honor Paschke’s life and legacy, his spirit and character have been our shining light,” says Stelcer. “It has been an incredibly humbling experience to work on this Art Center that, all who knew Ed and his work fundamentally agree, 'it's about time.’” Stelcer believes that the Ed Paschke Art Center is a true reflection of Ed’s generous nature—supporting artists, serving as an educator, being a visionary, and believing his art should be easily accessible to the public. Stelcer says, “Paschke naturally inspires, challenges and provokes one to be a better person; we are deeply grateful to be able to bring the Ed Paschke Art Center to our community and our city.”

To mark what would have been Paschke’s 75th birthday and the opening of the Ed Paschke Art Center, the park across from the Center will host its inaugural “Paschke in the Park” celebration, which will feature Paschke-inspired community art projects, food and entertainment. The Rabb Family Foundation, which is the major funder of the Ed Paschke Art Center, is sponsoring the free event and according to one of its Trustees, Lionel Rabb, “Ed Paschke was not only a great artist but also was a great person who contributed and supported the communities in which he lived and worked. The Rabb Family Foundation and I are proud to have assisted in making the Ed Paschke Art Center a reality, making Paschke’s amazing art accessible to all and helping to support and encourage the arts.”
About the Ed Paschke Art Center

The Mission of the Ed Paschke Art Center is to preserve and provide public access to the work of the legendary Ed Paschke; to serve as an educational resource for youth, adults, artists and academics; and to function as an accessible platform for artists to showcase their work.

The Ed Paschke Art Center hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Mondays through Sundays; admission is free.

For more information about the Ed Paschke Art Center or “Paschke in the Park,” call 312-533-4911

The Center has been funded through the generous support of The Rabb Family Foundation and includes partnerships with the 3M Company, the School of the Art Institute and the Block Museum of Art.

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